Model II


KK7UQ Interface Model II PC Assembly

Packaged in the Altoids (R) Box



    Full Ground Isolation

    Second Opto-Isolator Added for Native FSK Operations

    Level Control Knobs for Both Transmit and Receive Audio

    Audio Monitor and Amplifier Provided On Card

    No External Power Supply Required

    Removable Microphone/Acc Cable - No Jumpers to Set

    PTT Mode Control Switch

    Two Color LED for PTT/FSK indication

    Designed to Fit Inside an Altoids (R) Box


Availability:  The Model II is shipping now, and is available as a Full Kit or as the original Design Kit.


Manual Online:  Check out the full design and construction of the manual

download, available on this web site.  For a quick look, review the schematic diagram.


Description of Features:


    -  Full ground isolation between the PC and the SSB rig, using transformers for both transmit  and receive audio, and Solid State Relays for PTT control and FSK/CW drive


    -  Second Solid State Relay added to allow use of SSB rig RTTY FSK or CW.  Rigs which have native FSK mode can take advantage of the better filtering built into their rigs for RTTY     operations.  This channel can also be used for CW keying if desired.  If your rig does not provide native FSK mode, you can still use the AFSK modes provided by your sound card software. 


    -  Level control of both transmit and receive audio.  Potentiometers provided on both transmit and receive audio, with knob control on the top of the interface.  The potentiometers on the Model II have been reduced in size and solder directly on the top of the board.  The potentiometers on the Model II use an audio taper for smoother control over the entire range.


    -  Audio Monitor provided on the PC BoardAn audio transducer and amplifier are provided in the Model II design on the PC Board so you can hear the signal created by PC during transmit.   The monitor can be driven from the headset, line, or the speaker output of your sound card.


    - No External Power Supply Required.  The Interface is Designed to operate without an external power supply - even the Audio Monitor amplifier is powered from the RTS or DTR control signals.


    - Removable Mic/Acc CableThe adaptation for a particular rig is done in the rig control cable itself.  No more jumpers to set or change when you change rigs.  Just replace the cable that connects to the rig's microphone or accessory port.


    -  PTT Mode Switch allows setting the PTT into three states: Auto - PTT keyed under PC RTS control; Off - PTT disabled; Manual - activates PTT directly from the interface. 

    -  Two Color LED used for PTT indication, and FSK/CW keying.  Red for PTT and Yellow for FSK/CW keying.

    - Fits inside an Altoids (R) boxThe Model II has been reduced in size to inside an Altoids "Peppermints" box without modification of the PC Board.  New potentiometers have been selected to solder into the top side of the board.  The dimensions of this package are 3.7"x2.3"x0.9".  The knobs, switches and LED mount on the top of the box and stand an additional 0.6" above the top.   If you prefer the slightly larger package of the original 4.2"x 2.7"x 1.5" Eagle Plastics enclosure,  you can use it instead.

   - Solid State Relays used for PTT and FSK circuits.  This part replaces the 4N33 opto-isolator use on the previous release.  Features lower "ON" voltage which is needed for a few rigs such as the Icom 706 MKIIG 6 pin mini-DIN connector.  New Feature

    - Circuitry Added to PC Board to install a dry reed relay on the board for those older rigs where only a mechanical relay will work.  The relay is not provided in the full kit, but can be purchased directly from Radio Shack or Mouser.  New Feature