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This web site is devoted to Amateur Radio Digital Modes.  You will find articles about PSK31 and other digital modes, presentations and handouts for ham clubs, hardware designs and links to other sites in the items listed below.  To contact Clint Hurd, kk7uq, please email at the email address below.


                                                                                    New!  ALASKA HAMFEST PRESENTATIONS

                                                                                    Presented at Anchorage August 2, 3 2008


                                                                                   other documents relating to  the Model II.


                                                                                   versions of the KK7UQ Sound Card  Interface and

                                                                                   IMD Meter products manual is found here.


  • Ham Club Presentations                          Presentations for ham clubs on Sound Card Interfacing




ANNOUNCEMENT:  PRODUCTION OF THE KK7UQ INTERFACE HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED.  The demand for this product has dropped off to the point where it is not economically viable to continue.  Thanks to the over 1000 hams who have built this kit product and are enjoying PSK and other digital modes with it.  All documentation for the design remains on this web site.  See below.

IMD Meter Product:  The IMD Meter is available at the Navigator-Interface website:  Navigator-Interface.com  as a fully assembled unit.  The IMD Meter is no longer available as a kit. 

KK7UQ Interface Products: The  KK7UQ interface products is no longer available, but the full documentation of this design will remain on this website see  Sound Card Interface Manual on this web site.




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Last updated: July 25, 2008